Monday, March 14, 2011

Real Life Memories

I just came across this picture from last years vacation to Disneyland. I love this shot of Tyler , it captures his sweetness perfectly. I also like that you can see his pump and hip pack of diabetes supplies, it's such a real example of what his life entails. When we go somewhere like Disneyland, I make sure that Tyler has his own supplies on his body at all times. I carry stuff in my bag, but what if he got separated from us? It is a scary thought but it happens, and he needs to be in the habit of having what he needs with him just in case. He is getting to the age that he won't always have Mom or Dad with him. The more independant he is, the safer he is. I found that a hip pack with juices, glucose tabs and our contact information inside works great, and provides much needed peace of mind.

 My dream is that when he's an adult he will look at this picture and say "When I was a kid I had to wear an insulin pump and carry juice boxes everywhere I went, because I HAD Type 1 diabetes." Wouldn't that be amazing? Hope is a powerful thing. We'll never give up hoping for a cure.

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  1. He is sweet! Found you from D-Mom Blog. Great feature...and good to "meet" you.