Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slumber Party

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I just dropped Tyler off at his first slumber party. I worry about him going because so many things can go wrong! It would be too easy to tell him he can't go, but I don't want his living with Type 1 to equal CAN'T. I want him to do and enjoy the same things other 10 year old boys do. We CAN do this, it will require some preparation and tools, but he deserves that, and he wants that so we are giving it a shot.

He is armed with the green bag- extra juice boxes, and a cell phone. The Mom hosting the sleepover got a copy of my high/low blood glucose cheat sheet and got to witness my little breakdown complete with tears. Yay for me. Lucky for us, the family lives right across the street from us, that makes it a little easier to handle. I'm not gonna lie, while walking him over there I suggested to him that he could hang out and come home when the other boys go to bed- he was not interested.

The plan is for him to call with his blood glucose reading BEFORE cake and Ice Cream, then to call again 2 hours after that, whatever that call brings will determine then time for the next check in. Its going to be a LONG night for me, I'll post tomorrow on how it all ends up.

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