Monday, February 21, 2011

Slumber Party FAIL

I promised a new post to update on our slumber party experience, I wish it were a happy ending but with Type 1 diabetes, it rarely is.

As planned, Tyler checked in several times over the course of the evening.

At 8pm he called with a blood sugar of 181 ready for cake and Ice Cream. Not a bad number- a little high but that's what I wanted while he was at the party. He gave insulin for the cake and Ice Cream and I told him to call back in 2 hours.

At 10 pm he called to check in with a blood sugar of 258. A little higher, but we left it alone. Better high than low at a slumber party. All is good, have fun and call again at midnight or bedtime, whichever is first.

Midnight- here's where it all went bad. He called and said they were going to bed, I had him check his blood sugar, and it was 56. 56!! I knew then that he was not going to stay the night but told him to drink a juice and eat a granola bar and to call me back in 15 minutes. I hung up the phone and got pissed off. There was no way I could leave him there at 56 at bedtime after all the running around he had been doing all night. I could not expect the Mom hosting to stay up all night checking his blood sugars every few hours, and I knew I would be up all night here worrying. The only thing to do was to bring him home. When he called back I told him I was coming to get him and he was so good about it- he said OK but I could hear it in his voice, he was crushed.

I walked over to get him, and as soon as we left the party, we both started crying. I told him that I would do anything if I could make it go away and that it was OK to be mad, that diabetes sucks but we are not going to let it win. He held my hand on the walk home, and I was just heartbroken. When we got him home his BG was only up to 69, so I gave him a juice and put him to bed. He fell asleep the second his head hit the pillow. After an hour we checked again and he was barely over 100, so one more juice down the hatch. It's amazing that Tyler can drink a juice box in his sleep without waking up or remembering that he even drank it later! Finally at 2:30 he was over 150 and we were able to go to bed ourselves.

This morning at 7am the phone rang- it was the boys from the party calling to check on Tyler and to ask if he wanted to come back for breakfast. He was up and dressed in seconds! I think that today I am more upset about it than he is. He really only missed the slumber part of the party. He had a blast hanging out with his friends, playing basketball, telling ghost stories and was even there to witness a boy drawing on the face of the first boy who fell asleep with a sharpie! I hope when he looks back on this that he remembers the fun stuff and the fact that he had to come home because of his diabetes is just a minor part of the memory.

Type 1 diabetes is awful, there is no denying that. I wish with all my heart that we did not have to deal with it, but we do and we are going to look it in the eye and do the best we can every day. We may have to do things differently than others, but we will do those things and make the most of it. It's all we can do.

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  1. 56??? Oh my gosh. How horrible that it didn't work out for him as he imagined, but big props to those boys for calling him back-even if it was so early in the AM. lol.