Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting Started

My son Tyler was diagnosed six years ago at the age of four with Type 1 Diabetes. We have been through a lot since then, and continue to battle Type 1 every day. It is a never ending job, and is a constantly changing process.

As the Mom of a kid with Type 1 diabetes, my life is never boring. I have been thinking about starting a Diabetes related blog for a while now. I envision a place where I can vent about Type 1, review products, discuss diabetes in the news and keep a journal of our lives living with this crazy roller coaster of a disease.

I hope that by putting it all down in writing, it will serve as some stress relief for me, and hopefully provide some insight to those in our lives who may wonder what life is really like for Type 1 diabetics and their caregivers.

So here we are- Type 1 With Tyler is that place, welcome to our world!


  1. Hello! So glad to see your new blog!

    Please fill out my blogroll form and I'll get you on the March round of blogroll additions:

    (Look for an e-mail from me about the Kiss-a-Pig gala.)

  2. Since I started my blog (, it has been very theraputic for me. Even if nobody reads it, I feel like getting out the frustrations and successes in writing helps me destress. Sometimes when I'm writing, I will come up with a solution to the very problem I'm having. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. I'm starting my own blog tonight for my daughter. She's 5 and was diagnosed 6 months ago with type 1. Your blog made me laugh, cry, and feel great amounts of hope knowing I'm not alone! Thank you!! (