Monday, April 11, 2011


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of STUFF that we have and require to treat Tylers Type 1. Insulin, Test Strips, meters, syringes, cartriges, infusion sets, low supplies, and on and on and on. For the most part we put it all in bins and have a spot in the closet where it is kept. I am usually on top of it but don't really have a great system to keep track of when we have on hand and what we need to reorder.

We spend a fair amount of money on Type 1 stuff, co-pays, prescriptions and out of pocket expenses.  While at the pharmacy last week picking up test strips I noticed that a box of 100 strips cost about $100.00 over the counter. WHAT? That is $1.00 per test- we test on average 8 times per day. And that's just test strips, not insulin, and all the accessories that needed to administer that insulin. Holy Moly. Thank goodness that we have insurance for all this stuff- that I would prefer not to have in the first place. I can't imagine how people get by that can't afford their stuff- diabetes is not cheap even with insurance coverage. Another reason we need a cure for Type 1!


  1. Yep...the supplies are unbelievable. Blood Ketone strips are like $3.33/strip. Once when Joe had a GI bug with ketones we went through a $100 in a few days on those babies...out-of-pocket. CrAzY.

  2. My insurance decided to switch to mail-out service for Laila's supplies, it was out of control. We had to wait for the new strips to come in, I spent over $125 on strips alone out of pocket waiting for everything to come in the mail. We do the same thing, bins for each item. I stack her syringes, pen needles, and insulin in rows and lable the 2nd to last box to remind me to order more so I never run out. We do need a cure for type 1!